Steps to Take to Start an Online Business With Less Than $100

For many, starting a business online has become an obsession. This is because of the precarious economy that is facing all of us today. Hardly a day passes before we hear of impending layoffs and doomsday statistics of household-name companies going belly-up. This has caused a lot of anxiety among the working class people. Many families are reeling under the weight of high food prices and high gas prices and this is causing untold financial hardship. The rate of bankruptcies has also skyrocketed. For some, this may be a financial meltdown, but for others it is an opportunity to search and see whether there are ways that they can supplement their incomes. There are many ways of doing this. One can take a part-time job or one can use the awesome power of the Internet to make a earn a decent amount of side income. There are many that have started this way and have eventually retired with a comfortable six-figure income online. Will you be one of them? Lets see how you can prepare yourself to retire in style or kiss your regular job good-bye.

Many people think that you need thousands of dollars to start a business. This is partially true. There are indeed businesses which require a high initial capital especially if you have to move into a premises or you have to purchase machinery and many of these turn out into profitable ventures. But what most people don’t know is that if you have a computer and an Internet connection, you can start a very profitable business with less than $100.00. Let us see the steps you need to do to achieve this.


First of all, you need to have the right mindset. This is crucial to starting your online venture. Some people approach business with the wrong mindset. They have the mindset that only others were meant to be successful and not them. This is wrong. Anyone can succeed if they believe that they possess the right frame of mind to do so. Another wrong mindset is to think that somehow because the business is online it is going to be easier and will have different set of rules than offline. This is a grave error. online businesses must be handled with the same type seriousness as other types of offline businesses.


You must gather information about the business that you are going into.If you want to get into the credit card business you must be prepared to read about credit cards and to gather valuable information. Go to and see whether there are any cheap books that talk about your type of business and if possible buy them. Be aware of information overload while you are doing that.